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Our experience of over 20 years in the Italian luxury market allows us to reach international and selected audience in a reserved and informal way. We are able to maximise the value of your asset while reducing the time on the market.

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If it’s true that each home has a unique story, unique properties have an extraordinary one. What we do is to convey this story in a suitable way and reach out to the right buyer so that he can both understand and appreciate it to the fullest.

Consultancy & property valuation

Thanks to our expertise on the Italian luxury market, case histories and our databases of comparable, we value your property based upon a multitude of criteria, always having in mind the right target of potential buyers. We support and advise our clients through the early stages of the selling process, helping identify the correct value and taking the best steps to enhance your asset.

Tailor made marketing strategies

An outstanding property deserves a special marketing. When you select us to sell your home, we offer the highest level of attention and reliability. We love to listen your home’s stories and to highlight its distinctive features, in order to guide you through the best suitable selling strategy. Our marketing programs include advertisements in leading international publications, social and digital marketing, targeted email campaigns and high visibility promotional activities. We guarantee a maximum level of discretion and privacy when requested, succeeding to efficiently promote your property through our off-the-market dedicated channels.

Art events & Open house

Organising memorable art events and open houses at the properties is one of our most effective tools for stoking interest and generating new leads. We create elegant and glamorous cocktail parties and art
exhibitions to make sure our most luxurious properties stand out, providing our guests with outstanding events in exceptional settings. Helping our best clients and potential buyers experience the complete lifestyle of the property, they can fully appreciate its uniqueness.